La Segreteria

Segreteria Sportforma A.p.d.

SPORTFORMA A.P.D.'s office hours are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Our headquarters are located at 24 via Cristoforo Beggiamo, 10147 Turin,
where we conduct the following services and activities:




  • Distribution of materials and information regarding SPORTFORMA A.P.D.'s proposed activities.
  • Processing of membership applications.
  • Enrollment for regular and supporting members.
  • Registration and affiliation for both competitive and non-competitive athletes.
  • Issuance of membership cards.
  • Administrative support for organizing tournaments, courses, workshops, sports competitions, meetings, and gatherings.
  • Management of training for sports operators and coaches.
  • Publication of newsletters and bulletins related to association activities, as well as handling printing, reproduction, and publication of volumes, texts, and circulars related to the association's activities.
  • Promotion of association members and affiliated athletes representing SPORTFORMA A.P.D.
  • Collaboration with national and international sports organizations for the promotion and organization of sporting events.
  • Logistic support for organizing conferences, specific sports seminars, or sports-related topics.
  • Issuance of certificates (including qualifications).
  • Issuance of duplicates.
  • Photocopying service.
  • Contribution updates and renewals.
  • Data update requests.
  • Distribution of contact details, hours, and phone numbers for various association offices, both administrative and operational.
  • Information and assistance with online procedures.
  • Information and forms for enrollment in training activities.
  • Document retrieval.
  • Admission to individual courses.
  • Information about form corrections.
  • Requests for recognition of educational credits.
  • Issuance of statements for income tax deductions.
  • Submission of requests to the President.

At the Sportforma association headquarters, members (both young and adults) can access not only the body-building gym but also the welcoming area equipped with chairs and tables provided by the facility. This area is available for assistance with paperwork, studying, completing tasks, or simply waiting, for example, before a class.

Furthermore, there is also an online section for processing documentation for membership/affiliation requests (which can then be submitted with the appropriate documentation at the headquarters), for participating in events, and for booking training sessions at various locations within the sports association.

The secretary's office consistently provides updates on deadlines, news, and activities offered by Sportforma A.P.D.

CLICK HERE to find out how to reach the Sportforma sports association's office